Only 2-4% of women receive VC funding – that’s a lot of missed innovation created for women, by women. For women of color founders, the numbers are even worse (statistically close to 0% of VC funding).

At The Impact Seat Foundation, our goal is to close the wealth and opportunity gap. We’re providing resources, community and access to create a world in which women succeed as business leaders. To build an ecosystem that promotes women leaders, we need to make sure they receive the support and financing they need at every step of the way. 

What does impact investing + grantmaking + advocacy equal? That’s Full Stack Philanthropy.

We utilize these three pillars of Full Stack Philanthropy like other foundations do, except that we added a twist. We wanted to amplify the effect of our philanthropy by making sure that every facet of our Foundation’s existence serves to further fulfill our mission.

Learn more about our holistic model at and keep up to date on the latest via our LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Creating a world in which women, particularly women of color, can succeed as #business #leaders. Our Full Stack #Philanthropy melds #impact #investing, #grantmaking and #advocacy to sustain an ecosystem and community for women #leaders across the globe.


The Impact Seat Foundation

The Impact Seat Foundation is creating a world in which women can succeed as business leaders. Our Full Stack Philanthropy melds impact investing, grantmaking and advocacy to sustain an ecosystem and community for women leaders across the globe.